Travelled up from Munich to Berlin. The train ride sucked. I had to wait for three hours in Mannheim for a delayed sleeper … three hours sleep – went nuts. Berlin on the other hand is a great place in Summer. Of all the cities I have seen, Berlin would be the most livable. I’ve heard other people saying the same thing. The East and West is still partitioned in terms of socio-economic terms. The rich tend to still be in the West, the less privileged in the East. Kind of obvious I guess. I’ll put some photos up shortly. I’m off to the zoo today – apparently it cannot be missed and I cannot be arsed walking around the city any longer. I am fatigued beyond belief. This was supposed to be a holiday, but it’s turned out to be nothing short of a marathon. I’ll need another holiday on the beach to recover. Off to Denmark tomorrow to meet up with a friend I made in Florence. Let’s hope he’s not a serial killer 😉 I’ve known him for all of two days, but he seems a really nice bloke. Just call the police if there are no further posts after a week or so …

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