GBR done. Next, Nepal and India.

Great barrier reef was great, except for the ear infection that nearly killed me following said adventure. I’ve never been in so much pain. I was on codeine for days, laid up in bed, wondering if I’d done any serious damage. Nevertheless, the reef was incredible The temperature, the colours, the biodiversity … I’m starting to become quite the “greenie” after seeing what’s happening to the coral … nasty.

Visa is being organised for India and my flights are booked in and out of Kathmandu, so my little trip to Mt Everest base camp seems to be getting traction. I just have to figure out what I need to take and what I can leave at home – although I intend to hire a porter, carrying anything at altitude is like carrying a milestone around one’s neck … the camera has to come along though …

Otherwise, same shit, different day. Work is much the same, diving when I can, karate as much as I can discipline myself to do, trying a juice diet to improve my fatigue levels and sleep quality. Nearly finished painting the house – if you leave the spare bedrooms out of the equation …

In any case, I cannot wait to escape this western bullshit for a couple of months. Our lives are so clinical and regimented in this part of the world.


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Dive Ticket

Passed the SSI open water ticket. So now I can dive to 18m pretty much anywhere. Looking forward to the Great Barrier Reef trip planned for November. Hopefully I won’t drown or get the bends …

Life is normal otherwise. Boring. Fixing the house up, trying to pay the bloody thing off. Taking photos when I have the time. Karate, swimming lots of laps, putting on weight despite all of this exercise …

Going for a dive on Sunday at St Leonards. Should be fun 🙂

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Tiling sucks, diving is cool and so are Smith & Wesson pistols

Tiling the bathroom. Fucking horrible job.

Learning how to SCUBA dive. Awesome.

Getting back into pistol shooting with my new Smith & Wesson 686 357 magnum. Priceless.

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Throwing shit out

I’ve been cleaning up and renovating the bachelor pad and I find it’s quite cathartic throwing out shit I simply don’t need nor use … bad memories being flushed down the toilet … feels so good 🙂

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Sick of the same old shit, different day …

Been checking flights to Kathmandu. There was a great doco on ABC last night about the origins of the Universe, etc, focussing on where all matter has been derived … the presenter made a point whilst hanging out in Kathmandu how the Hindus [sic?] burn their dead, thus recycling their body – I thought that was quite poignant, given we are all carbon based life forms … originally formed from dying stars … all very mystical. So, I’m off to Kathmandu to check out this shit …

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Back in Australia … two weeks later and still jet lagged …

Still coming to terms with the fact I’ve been over seas for three months and I’ve done some incredible things … now I’m back to boring old reality and find myself planning the next trip – Everest Base Camp. Sounds nuts, but it’s not that big a deal. It’s only 2000m more than Machu Picchu and that wasn’t too hard.

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Travelled up from Munich to Berlin. The train ride sucked. I had to wait for three hours in Mannheim for a delayed sleeper … three hours sleep – went nuts. Berlin on the other hand is a great place in Summer. Of all the cities I have seen, Berlin would be the most livable. I’ve heard other people saying the same thing. The East and West is still partitioned in terms of socio-economic terms. The rich tend to still be in the West, the less privileged in the East. Kind of obvious I guess. I’ll put some photos up shortly. I’m off to the zoo today – apparently it cannot be missed and I cannot be arsed walking around the city any longer. I am fatigued beyond belief. This was supposed to be a holiday, but it’s turned out to be nothing short of a marathon. I’ll need another holiday on the beach to recover. Off to Denmark tomorrow to meet up with a friend I made in Florence. Let’s hope he’s not a serial killer 😉 I’ve known him for all of two days, but he seems a really nice bloke. Just call the police if there are no further posts after a week or so …

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